Friday, January 1, 2016

The books of my soul

A new year dawns and as last year's book is put on the shelf, a fresh new book is being written in with the memories of new.  So what stories did we bookmark in these books of old and what do we hope to write down this year for the goodness of our souls. For I do not know for what my future story holds but letting go of last year's book has given me hope in my soul. For our library is vast so let's make this stories last and last.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Rock, Dust, Stars, and Super Blood Moons

I see my face in the mountain as it begins to fall, surely I will remember the adventures I took with grandpa as he told me of our family of rocks along the old creek.    The rocks are now dust under my bare feet as I run up the trail trying to catch a glimpse of the super  blood moon eclipse that only happened 3 times in my life.  The dust has risen into the stars now that I have made it to the top of the mountain to see that big red moon on my 53 birthday.  Is this it, I think,  but there are other mountains and paths, one just only look to see.  So we're to go from here or there I guess I just need to look at those ancestors of bright stars to guide me along life's endless seas.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Prayer for the Everlasting Dawn

A Prayer for the Everlasting Dawn,

Lead us and guide us oh Lord, through the light of each new day, that we may spread and cherish your love and your grace.  For it is through the light of your dear grace we are able to see Christ path among our human race, even when it so dark we can not see what is right in front of our face.  And you call us and beg us as we worship and pray on each and every glorious new day, to follow your love in each and every way.  Oh give us the strength from your mighty throne that all will find there way home, for our feet may grow weary but our souls go on, for there is an everlasting dawn for one and all God’s children who seek Heavens Song.  Amen.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Each New Day Comes

To rise high, to look low, to listen to the world below.  We feel love, we seek peace, we hear the world at his feet.  So be blessed, for we all appear just a miss, and sing a glorious song as each new day comes for it's heavenliness. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

By Autumn’s Grace

By Autumn’s Grace
By Curt Vaughn

You see an autumn leaf falling to the ground,
I see an old book dive-bombing through the air.

You see brown and gold trees over hillsides,
I see living clouds over endless oceans of light.

You feel cold breezes sneaking up along your neck,
I feel an invisible dancer slowly wrapping me with her scarf.

You see and feel a misty morning and a big bright moon at night,
I see and feel a storybook coming to life and a spotlight from above.

You taste pumpkin, candy, pecans, and turkey delight all through the night,
I taste joy, laughter, tradition, and family and friends that never end.

So what does autumn mean to you when it peaks its head this time of year,
Well to me it is that warm embrace that never feels out of place

thanks to true grace by autumn’s Grace.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quick draw brushes and Flash Cards of Faith

Quick draw Brushes and Flash Cards of Faith
By Curt Vaughn

I paint words in my mouth with quick draw brushes.  And while I look for my library books to read aloud in the loud and crowed restaurant, I drop all the plates but no one applauds. Can you hear the crickets sing, or is that just me.  And as I drop back in my chair I use my telescope eyes with mood ring detectors to poll the electorate of future book clubs to see if this paint can be scraped from my tongue.  Oh were are my flash cards of faith when I need them, then I remember they can never be lost for they are attached to my heart.  So, check your brushes at the door because there is always an open door for all to be loved forevermore.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Known Invisible Mountain on Christmas Eve

The Known Invisible Mountain on Christmas Eve
By Curt Vaughn

Winter doves made of light fly through art canvas windows, as Trees sing praises in an infinite forest of outreached evergreens upon a known invisible mountain.  This solid rock is covered with snowflake prayers and surrounded by heavenly clouds.  And, shines under a ever present sun and a northern star to lead us home each and every Christmas Eve.  So, let the song birds fly from the mouths of the trees to the top of the known invisible mountain carrying our snowflake prayers and riding on winds of praise.  And, as this Christmas Day approaches; let us wrap each other in blankets made of hugs and lift our little lights to say Merry Christmas to all this year.